Where in the World will our Wedding be?

This seems to be the topic of discussion these days.  The good thing is that we have canceled out all locations within a 300 mile radius of our home.  The bad thing is the world is much bigger then we thought.

We know three things at this point: the location will be on the beach, the hotel will be all inclusive and travel packages will be reasonable priced (some have gone as far to say I am cheap).  Outside of that we have no clue.  Locations thrown out up to this point are St. Johns, Aruba, Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.  If you have a preference please let us know.  Chances are that we will not consider it when making our decision but do not let that stop you from offering an opinion.

The plan at this point is to make a decision within the next month or two so that we can schedule a vacation to the hotel later this year and scout it out.  Hopefully we choose right the first time because I will not spend any money to visit plan b….we will just cross our fingers and hope.

    • Shauna
    • January 13th, 2009

    My vote is for the place you totally love because your only gonna do this once. So make it all you ever dreamed of and more!!!! and no your not cheap just cost considerate 🙂

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