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Is my wedding list getting bigger?

Shortly after we became engaged I was presented with a list of things in need of completion.  As of today I have officially completed one of those items.  If you want a hint at what that was, you are reading it.  So you may be asking what’s left.  Good question, I barely know myself which is why I felt it would be best to post here for easy reference:

1. Review guest list

2. Research venues and decide on top 3.

3. Set a date.

4. Find save the date cards.

Looking at the list it doesn’t seem to bad.  Honestly, if I put my mind to it, I could probably have this completed over the course of an afternoon.  The only problem is that I seem to always find something to fill my time with in the afternoon…generally these things are mindless items that allow me to use as little brain power as possible.  However, with some strategic thinking I was able to identify a way to quickly knock out all 4 items in one swoop – elope.  As the days melt away this option seems more and more appealing.  How great would it be, all of the headaches associated with scheduling a wedding vanish.  We then can use our time to schedule a marriage celebration party, complete with family, friends, live band and dairy queen ice cream cake.