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furry friends

I have a picture in my mind that my dog Makya is a well behaved dog that would wear a flower wreath around his neck and would walk down the aisle at our wedding.  But the reality would be more like him jumping on me, destroying my wedding dress, knocking over wedding guest, eating and begging for food.  As much as our furry friends are very much apart of the family there are limitations to their abilities to be in attendance. Unfortunately, the Triple Crown and Winters Past houses do not allow pets so Makya will not be joining us in Seagrove.

Makya will be spending the week at the dogie spa while we are in Seagrove eagerly waiting our return.



Introducing the Bridal Party

IMG_2680My sisters. To my left Hang the matron of honor and to my right my oldest sister Hong (bridesmaid).  My sisters are strong, smart and beautiful women.  They have always been there for me and I’m so excited to share this experience with them.

101-0190_IMGKara (bridesmaid) on the left and Jennifer (maid of honor) to the right.  Jennifer and I have been friends since we were 4!!!  She knows all my secrets but luckily I know hers too.  Blackmail is a beautiful thing.  Jennifer and I met Kara at freshman orientation.  The three of us lived together from sophomore year until graduation and had some amazing times.  I wouldn’t have survived college without them.

DSC03386Chris, Rachel and us in Germany.  Our married groomsman and bridesmaid. This is actually us crashing their 10 year wedding anniversary trip. Check out their blog and pics of their son Dylan. Chris and Kevin met in college when they would fight over a seat by the window.   Chris is also jealous that I have bigger muscles then him but he is working towards getting strong.  Maybe someday Chris.  Rachel is a great friend and has been awesome helping me with so many wedding errands.

IMG_2628JEFF!!!!!  Kevin’s best friend and best man.  Jeff has also agreed to become an ordain minister in order to marry us.  Kevin and Jeff met while playing tennis and have been best buds ever since.

106-0676_IMGKevin’s brothers, Chris and Sean rounds out the bridal party.  Aren’t they cute!!!

It’s Hot, Hot, Hot…

An outdoor wedding in August? Are we crazy? August is the hottest time of year and Kevin has over active sweat glands. Kevin and I knew from the start we wanted an intimate outdoor wedding. As we decided in March’09 that we would have our wedding in 2009 there was no way we were going to be able to have a mild weather spring wedding. I guess we could have decided to have a late fall wedding but my sister / matron of honor will be moving overseas in September.

Now, we are hit with the dilemma “to tent or not to tent, that is the question”. After weighting the pros: protection from the elements and cons: won’t feel like an outdoor space. We have decided to take the risk of no tent to the dismay of a few. I imagined dancing the night away under the stars in my wedding dress and figure that a tent would compromise the beautiful location.

What if it rains? You ask. Well, remember an umbrella…just kidding. Of course under those circumstances, Kevin and I would get a tent for the festivities. I would recommend dressing appropriately for the HOT August weather. We promise to have ice cold drinks to keep you cool.

Where to stay?

The wedding festivities will take place at the following address.

4228 E. Co. Hwy 30A.
Seagrove Beach, FL 32459

There is a condo complex within 300 yards from all the action.    Looks like all the condos are two bedrooms with a sleeper sofa and would sleep 6 adults pretty comfortably. Here is the link for the condo rentals.

If you decide to rent a beach house versus staying at One Seagrove Place there are lots of beautiful beach houses nearby.

Please let us know if you need any help with your travel plans or accommodations.

Family Pictures

IMG_2682Kevin’s family and mine minus a sick Mallory.  This is the first time the our families  have gotten together.  We had a great time and ate yummy Italian food at Maggiano’s.


Here’s Mallory.

Thoughts from the Bride

The Bride here. I’m sure you all can tell from Kevin’s colorful postings that I’m much more into the planning then he is. What can I say but I’m a girl! Now that it’s my turn to be the blushing bride, I guess I might have a few small demands but I am doing my best not to turn into a bridezilla. As a bridezilla is defined as “a difficult, unpleasant, perfectionist bride who leaves aggravates family, friends and bridal vendors in her wake in her quest for the perfect wedding.” This is not how I want to be thought of but I will admit that I have had my bridezilla moments.

Although, I am your classic type A personality I told myself that I would be a happy go lucky bride in order to enjoy this process as stress free as possible. After a few of my own bridezilla moments I got to thinking, “I’m a smart well adjusted person (or at the very least I like to think so) so why is my blood pressure raising because Kevin hasn’t given his input on our china pattern or that he hasn’t completed a single wedding task in over a month!!!”. As much as I want to be an easy going bride I’m starting to think that a “calm and relaxed bride” is a mythical creature.

Becoming a bride is like taking on a second job. As a bride you are the project manager, travel agent, party planner, etc. It’s exhausting. I’m lucky that I have a wonderful fiancé, good friends and supportive family which have the ability to tame a raging bridezilla. Things are moving along smoothly and with the help of everyone around me I’ve kept the carnage to a minimum.