Thoughts from the Bride

The Bride here. I’m sure you all can tell from Kevin’s colorful postings that I’m much more into the planning then he is. What can I say but I’m a girl! Now that it’s my turn to be the blushing bride, I guess I might have a few small demands but I am doing my best not to turn into a bridezilla. As a bridezilla is defined as “a difficult, unpleasant, perfectionist bride who leaves aggravates family, friends and bridal vendors in her wake in her quest for the perfect wedding.” This is not how I want to be thought of but I will admit that I have had my bridezilla moments.

Although, I am your classic type A personality I told myself that I would be a happy go lucky bride in order to enjoy this process as stress free as possible. After a few of my own bridezilla moments I got to thinking, “I’m a smart well adjusted person (or at the very least I like to think so) so why is my blood pressure raising because Kevin hasn’t given his input on our china pattern or that he hasn’t completed a single wedding task in over a month!!!”. As much as I want to be an easy going bride I’m starting to think that a “calm and relaxed bride” is a mythical creature.

Becoming a bride is like taking on a second job. As a bride you are the project manager, travel agent, party planner, etc. It’s exhausting. I’m lucky that I have a wonderful fiancé, good friends and supportive family which have the ability to tame a raging bridezilla. Things are moving along smoothly and with the help of everyone around me I’ve kept the carnage to a minimum.

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