It’s Hot, Hot, Hot…

An outdoor wedding in August? Are we crazy? August is the hottest time of year and Kevin has over active sweat glands. Kevin and I knew from the start we wanted an intimate outdoor wedding. As we decided in March’09 that we would have our wedding in 2009 there was no way we were going to be able to have a mild weather spring wedding. I guess we could have decided to have a late fall wedding but my sister / matron of honor will be moving overseas in September.

Now, we are hit with the dilemma “to tent or not to tent, that is the question”. After weighting the pros: protection from the elements and cons: won’t feel like an outdoor space. We have decided to take the risk of no tent to the dismay of a few. I imagined dancing the night away under the stars in my wedding dress and figure that a tent would compromise the beautiful location.

What if it rains? You ask. Well, remember an umbrella…just kidding. Of course under those circumstances, Kevin and I would get a tent for the festivities. I would recommend dressing appropriately for the HOT August weather. We promise to have ice cold drinks to keep you cool.

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