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We are going on our honeymoon before the wedding.  This seems to be very taboo.  It just turns out that due to scheduling it works out best for us to go on our honeymoon the week before the wedding.  We figure it doesn’t really matter if its before or after, the honeymoon is a time for us to get away and celebrate us.

I think that having a pre-moon is a great idea.  We will be traveling to St. Thomas to relax from all the wedding planning.  Then we will join everyone in Seagrove Beach to top off our vacation with the wedding and a big celebration.

FYI – if anyone was wondering if we decided to do the eco-resort that is a “no”.  Kevin conceded to the idea.  However, I found the following video of the resort (among others) and am not prepare to rough it on my honeymoon.


google me!!

I sporadically “google” my name to see what comes up.  You know you do it too!!  The most recent time “songkhla and kevin” popped up as one of the drop down options.  I thought that was so cool.

Even GOOGLE knows Kevin and I are destined to be together!!

Let them eat cake.

Kevin has his wedding to do list and I have my wedding to do list.  For the most part we have worked on doing most of our list separately.  However, this past weekend we had the fun task of picking our wedding cake.  Now this was a task we both enjoyed. We had the opportunity to eat cake, cake, and more cake.  After varying flavors of vanilla, white and chocolate cake we have narrowed down to a few flavors.  Who knew there were so many different options when you want chocolate cake. We have another cake tasting set up in a couple of weeks to try the varying cake and filling combinations we have decided on.

Did I mentioned that my sister and Matron of Honor – Hang – will be the pastry chef extraordinaire!!  She is in the process of starting a business of preparing cakes for special occasions and I will be her first client.

boys are stupid

All the girls reading this blog would agree with me that “boys are stupid”.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Kevin and can not wait to be Mrs. Kevin A. Venza but really why is it that boys hate weddings?   Weddings are AWESOME!!!  I’m not saying that because the subject wedding is mine but weddings have so many great things. (1) You get to get all dressed up (2) hang out with old and new friends (3) be surrounded  by beautiful decor  (4) Eat, Drink and Be Married!! Come on, what more could you ask for.  With all these great things boys still for whatever reason dread going to weddings.

I’m hoping with our upcoming wedding I will be able to change Kevin’s mind.  Maybe after our nuptials when we get a wedding invitation in the mail, Kevin first responds won’t be “Do I have to go?”.


For those who know me, you know that I enjoy hugging the occasional tree and I try to stay aware of my carbon footprint. For those who know Kevin, you know that he can sometimes get annoyed by me not allowing him to use paper towels.  I  figure we balance each other out.  Kevin helps me not become a crazy granola pushing patchouli wearing hippie and I help him from destroying the earth one energy saving light bulb at a time.

Along these lines, I found a great Eco resort in St John in the US Virgin Islands.  At first I proposed that we hold our wedding here but this idea was quickly vetoed as the resort does not have air condition.  Now I am trying to convince Kevin that we should go here for our honeymoon.  The resort is solar- and wind-powered and linked by raised walkways to protect the vegetation and prevent erosion.  It has a network of trails, easily accessible to the property which leads to deserted bays where we could lounge on the sand and snorkel over coral reefs. Can you hear the excitement in my typing!!!