boys are stupid

All the girls reading this blog would agree with me that “boys are stupid”.  Don’t get me wrong I LOVE Kevin and can not wait to be Mrs. Kevin A. Venza but really why is it that boys hate weddings?   Weddings are AWESOME!!!  I’m not saying that because the subject wedding is mine but weddings have so many great things. (1) You get to get all dressed up (2) hang out with old and new friends (3) be surrounded  by beautiful decor  (4) Eat, Drink and Be Married!! Come on, what more could you ask for.  With all these great things boys still for whatever reason dread going to weddings.

I’m hoping with our upcoming wedding I will be able to change Kevin’s mind.  Maybe after our nuptials when we get a wedding invitation in the mail, Kevin first responds won’t be “Do I have to go?”.

    • Anonymous
    • June 17th, 2009

    HAHAHAHA!!!!! you crack me up!!!! But I do totally agree with you 🙂

    • Shauna
    • June 17th, 2009

    oops sorry I forgot to add my name to the previous post…..just so you know some strange stalker person is not responding to your blog.

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