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Mission get marry

The adventure began today. 

Kevin and I got up this morning at 5am to start our mission down the aisle.  We had a nice safe drive up to Indiana arriving around 3:30.  Kevin drove most of the way. I slept as my nerves for the up coming race have gotten the better of me. 

I’ve been spending the day hanging out with my sister and her children while Kevin and Bill heading off to Chicago to watch a baseball game.

In the morning we will pack the car and head to Michigan to prepare for the race. I’m staring to wonder if I’ve taken on a little too much.  I don’t recommend scheduling a race the week before your wedding.  What was I thinking?

Hopefully, my next post will include a picture of both Kevin and I crossing the finish line at Steelhead.

Wish us luck!


Bachelorette Party

Thank you girls for an AWESOME weekend.  Here are a few photos from my Bachelorette Party.

We spent the afternoon catching up, getting some sun and what else but drinking.

Afterwards, we headed out to dinner and the girls surprised me with a lingerie shower.

pic 3pic 7

pic 1

We ended the night taking in a drag show and recovered the morning after with breakfast by the park.

More pictures to come.

Only 3 more working days.

I can’t believe that it is almost here. Kevin and I will only be in the office for 3 days this week and then we are off on our wedding adventure. We are ready for some fun after spending this weekend running around completing all the last minute wedding errands.

This Thursday we are starting with a road trip to Indiana to meet my sister, Hang, and her husband Bill. Bill, Kevin and I will be participating in a Triathlon in Michigan on August 1st.  This will be my first triathlon of this length so please send good thoughts my way the morning of the 1st.

If all goes well, after conquering Steelhead Half Ironman, Kevin and I will be flying down to St. Thomas to enjoy a couple of days relaxing before all the wedding festivities.

Then August 8th we will be meeting all our friends and family in Florida.

Hopefully, everything will go off as planned but I’m sure there will be mishaps.  I will do my best to periodically update the blog along the way.


Seriously, how hard is it to pick a T-Shirt? With only 3 weeks to go, today we finally purchased the shirts for the groomsmen.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been nagging Kevin to get this task complete.  Happily today I’m able to check it off the to-do-list.

Sorry Girls…No Chip ‘n Dales show at the wedding.


Flowers are a very important part of any wedding.  However, for whatever reason I’m just not that interested in picking the flowers… and neither is Kevin. I think it might be that there are too many options and that it just became too overwhelming for me to narrow it down.  I am lucky to have a sister and two future sister-in-laws that are willing to take on the task of making all the flower/decor decisions for me.

I actually think this will make things even more fun for me.  Seeing the flowers for the first time at the wedding will be a surprise that Hang, Lorie and Courtney prepared for Kevin and me.

Thank you guys for ALL your help!!! I can’t wait for the celebration.