Ninja School

Kevin and I celebrated our two month anniversary attending Ninja School.  Just kidding…we went to Colorado and decided to go rock climbing.  I wanted to post a video to show everyone but I couldn’t figure it out so I guess these pictures will have to do.

Kevin and I  standing in front of the rocks we climbed.

climbing CO 046

Our guide – Eric – getting the ropes ready for us.  If you are ever in the Boulder area I highly recommend checking these guys out.

climbing CO 028

Kevin and I hiking back to the car after a long day of climbing.  We are pointing at the rock we just finished climbing.

climbing CO 056

Kevin getting the car warmed up!!


Kevin and Smokey preventing forest fires.


The tofu was so good that Kevin even had some.  We went to some of the best restaurants below are my top picks.  If you are into eating healthy you have to try Water Course.  Kevin and I just stumbled upon this place but it was amazing.


What a view!!


    • Shauna
    • October 20th, 2009

    WOW!!!! Awesome pics looks like you guys had a BLAST!!!! Question for Song…do you have glasses on in the last picture????

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