Holiday Update

This was our first holiday season as a married couple.  We had our annual holiday dinner with our friends Jennifer & Robert and Chris & Rachel.  We missed Kara & Donald this year as they were busy taking care of their growing family.  Jennifer, Kara and I started our Holiday Dinner tradition back in college.  Our only rule is everything has to be homemade and from starch.  Things don’t always turn out but we have fun pretending to be good homemakers.  Rachel and Chris have been such great friends and have had the chance to join us the last two years.  We did let Rachel get away with bringing a purchased cake but it was delicious!!

Kevin and Dylan enjoying cake.

We spent Christmas Eve at Kevin’s parents.  We had a great time with our family, enjoyed good food and opened gifts.

Christmas Day at my parents.  My parents went a little over board with the gifts but what’s new.

Uncle Kevin and Naomi relaxing after Christmas lunch and an exhausting two days of opening presents.

We ended the Holiday Season with a date night with our friends Anitra and Tommy.  We had yummy Persian Food and ended the night dancing.

We hung out on our sofa for New Year’s Eve, cooked in, rented a movie (Star Trek – don’t laugh, it was good) and fell asleep before midnight.

On New Year’s we went to Melissa’s and Zach’s to have pork, collard greens, and black eyed peas.  This was the first time that Kevin had the traditional southern New Year’s Day meal.

Here’s to wealth, luck, and prosperity in 2010!!

Thank you for an amazing 2009.

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