Blog Neglect

I am definitely guilty of  blog neglect.  It’s tough being a housewife.  I didn’t realize how much time it takes to cook, clean and do all my wifely duties until I actually started doing them.  Kevin has been a champ with trying all my cooking concoctions.  I’ve discovered making beans from scratch, lentils and chia seeds.  I think I’m getting much better at my new job. 🙂

Seriously, I have been up to much more.  I started back to school full-time the second week of January and have been working on preparing my applications for professional school.  Keep your fingers cross because applications open June 1st and I still need to narrower down the schools I’ll be applying to and finalize my personal statement.

Other updates:

My New Year’s resolution is to be more organized; which means Kevin is being forced to be more organized.  I created a bulletin board to keep track of our schedules and spending.

My Best Friend, Jennifer, got engaged over the holiday season!!!  We went to a fun wedding expo to help jump start her wedding planning.  While we were there I got to meet Micheal Knight from Project Runway.  He was super nice and I should have told him to give me a call if he is ever looking for a petite model…lol.  I need help in the fashion department for sure.

Overall, Jan 2010 has been good.  Kevin has been busy training spending his mornings and weekends swimming, biking and running.

Married life continues to be awesome and any free time we have we spend relaxing together at home with Makya.

That’s about it for now.

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