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Costa Rica

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica with VIDA.  VIDA is a nonprofit humanitarian association that helps to empower individuals and provides free medical, dental, and veterinary assistance to needy communities.  I had a hands-on and life changing experience.

The first day after arriving all the volunteers participated in an orientation session specific to their field of study.  I got to learn about common oral diseases, facial/mouth nerves, and oral health issues effecting Central America.  It may not be all that interesting to most of you reading this but it was really exciting to learn about oral healthcare and patient education.

This was the most rewarding moment of my trip.  I got to assist Dr. Sandra with an extraction on this boy.  He was so scared and it was so rewarding to help ease his nerves.

After the procedure, we are all smiles! It is be best feeling to be able to help someone have the confidence to smile and to have a healthy smile.

I look right at home!! right? I got to perform basic exams under the direct supervision of Dr. Sandra and Dr. Gabby as well as perform cleanings.  I worked over 30 hours in the dental clinic and as a whole the dental clinic helped over 200 patients.

Our clinic staff: all the student volunteers, Dr. Sandra, Dr. Gabby and Robin. 

I hope to travel with VIDA again soon.