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Most would consider Kevin and I healthy eaters. It is pretty rare to see either of us consuming artificial process foods. However, I do have my occasional diet coke.  I know they are terrible for me but I LOVE THEM!!!!  Even my junk food is all natural and Kevin likes to remind me as I’m polishing off a box of Newman O’s that just because they are all natural doesn’t mean they are good for me.

The last couple of years I have been trying to convince Kevin to do the mileage diet.  Its not really a diet but a change in lifestyle in which we only consume and purchase foods produced within a certain mileage of us.  The purpose of this is to support the local economy, eliminate the pollution that it takes to transport our food hundreds of miles and to consume fresher healthier products. Kevin has decline my proposal of this for several years due to the financial implications but this weekend my power of persuasion worked!!!  The healthier better foods won Kevin over.  I’m still trying to get him to feel the need to save the planet one organic apple at a time but for now if he wants to eat better and making the planet healthier is just a by-product I can live with that.

This weekend was our first shopping trip with our new awareness in mind and it was somewhat challenging to meet our needs as well as  stay within our food budget.  We purchased eggs from a local farmer that a friend told us about. We were able to find a good supply of produce grown in GA, Fl and SC to serve our needs at Whole Foods and believe it or not Wal-mart.  The meat we purchased wasn’t local but the animals were raised in the USA and were provided a better quality of life prior to slaughter.  We will be participating in a produce CSA this week and I’ve put us on a waiting list for a meat CSA.  We do eat lots of tropical fruits year around, bananas and citrus, which we are not willing to give up but I did find bananas produced by Earth University which has an awesome mission of sustainable environmentally friendly foods.  Below is a video about Earth University:

I highly recommend the film “Food, Inc” (youtube trailer below, check out the “rethink review” as well).  The film is entertaining and informative but of course some spin; after all they are trying to make a case for their point of view. PBS is currently  streaming the full film on their website for the next couple of days for free.