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The start of another season

Kevin kicked off his 2010 tri season placing 3rd in his age group.  I’m so proud of him.  We started the day off at 5am and Kevin hit the water at 7:30am for a 0.93 mile swim.

He makes it look so easy as he sprints into transition after completing the 25 mile bike ride.  Before we could yell “Go Kevin!!” he was off on the 6.1 mile run.

Kevin’s Fan Club eagerly awaiting a glance of Kevin.

Kevin’s parents were the best cheerleaders.  Their support gave him the extra edge he needed to compete at his best today.


It’s Spring!

Look at my garden grow.  It’s too early to have veggies but the roses look great and we have had some fresh herbs thus far.

Kevin did the majority of the planting this year as I was busy with school work.  I did at least sit outside and studied to keep him company as he worked.