Paging Dr. Venza…….Dr. Venza

Well not yet but one step closer.  For those that do not know, Songkhla started taking a few science classes each semester a couple of years ago while continuing to work full-time.  Call it testing the waters or finding new ways to spend money, she came to realize that science was not only enjoyable but a great first step to her new career: Dentistry.   Realizing the current plan of full-time work with a class or two each semester would push her career change out to 2040, the family took a leap of faith and made the decision to have her quit her banking career and pursue Dentistry.  Being the loving, compassionate and supportive husband I am, she enrolled as a full-time student in January 2010 and began taking 15+ hours a semester of Science courses.  You know it’s a demanding load when advisors call you crazy but that is what was needed to throw her name into the 2010 application hat.

Since I know Songkhla is too embarrassed to toot her own horn, I will toot it for her.  She continually smacked the science classes in the face and showed them who was boss, bringing home 100+ grades and exceeding a 4.0 GPA each semester (apparently that is possible now in college).  I will say that this required her to hone her already well developed nerdiness (not sure that is a word) as she was the student who sat in the front row of class, recorded each class and then studied at night.   On top of her class work, she simultaneously studied for the Dental Admissions Test so that she could take it during the summer and apply for the Fall 2011 class in August.  Like her course work she smacked the test in the face as well.

At the end of August her applications were submitted and it became a waiting game.  The application process for Dental school is fairly cut throat and extremely nerve racking.  It is done in the fall of each year with that year’s applicants seeking acceptance for the fall of the following year.  There are approximately 50 are so Dental programs in the United States (only 1 in Georgia).  Of those only 5% of applicants get an interview with a school and of those only about 1 or 2% get accepted.  Of the 60 of so students a Dental school accepts for their program, only about 10% are from out of state.  Needless to say, there were lots of nervous nights.

All of this brings me to the news that prompted this post….Songkhla was accepted to Dental School!!!! I will talk about specifics in a later post but a major huddle was crossed when she received her first call from a school stating that they would love her to join their program and offered her acceptance to their program for 2011.

We still have a lot of decisions to make but I could not be happier for her.  I know how badly she wanted this and I know how much she worked for this moment.  I mean anything that required her to all but ignore house cleaning must be very time consuming.

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