Up on the Rooftop….Click, Click, Click

Well, that is not entirely accurate.  Santa skipped over our house this year, presumable due to the difficult economy and 2011 expense predictions.  However, that did not stop us from enjoying the holiday festivities with some fancy home cooked French cuisine and a free Redbox DVD rental Friday evening.

We started our five course menu with a pre-run of the appetizer we planned to take to the Venza Christmas dinner – Pears wrapped in Prosciutto.  Courses two and three consisted of a Butternut Squash bisque and a Couscous salad topped with Fresh Vegetables.

The main course was inspired by Avec Eric’s Cod Basquaise.  We then finished that off with some non-homemade treats (I blame Songkhla for this addition).

I apologize for the poor picture quality.  Our only camera endured a disastrous fate with a pool of water and the water won.  Surprising the camera can still take pictures but the view finder is not so functional, making picture taking an unpredictable adventure thats results are only revealed once the shots are uploaded to the computer.

Our Christmas day plans changed late Friday when we learned dinner with Songkhla’s family was canceled due to a variety of circumstances.  Upon hearing this news we did what any self respecting American would do for Christmas, we went and ate Asian food.  We knew we could count on Asian restaurants to be open on Christmas….the only thing missing was a nice rendition of “Deck the hars with bawrs of horry”. We started our meal at a Vietnamese restaurant for some Pho to warm up from the now falling snow.  On the way home we decided we still had some room in our bellies and made a quick detour to the Canton House for Dim Sum.  By this time the snow was coming down pretty good and the roads were starting to ice over so we thought it would be best to get back home and enjoy some time on the couch…..well, only after a detour to Redbox for a fresh installment of DVDs.

Sunday was dinner with my parents in their newly renovated kitchen.  Though it is still under development, everything is coming together nicely and looking really great.  The most important items were in place, the appliances, and we all put them to good use to make some great food (though later then planned but that has come to be expected).

Overall it was a nice holiday weekend and a nice way to close out 2010.  Lots of things have happened this year and 2011 has even more in store.

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