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Blizzard 2011….Whiteout 2011….

Or some other fancy name the local news channels like to come up with for what we have seen the last few days which is snow, and lots of it.  When it snows like this there is only one thing to do; find a cardboard box, wrap your feet with plastic wrap and head outside with the wife and dog to find the biggest hill to sled down.  We are lucky in this regard because there is this hill in our neighborhood that has caught our eye since we first saw it.  It is the kind of hill you see and immediately picture it covered in powdered snow and ready for sledding.  Well, 5 years later that vision became reality….now if we could just get these pesky kids out of the way so that us adults can enjoy ourselves…and enjoy ourselves we did.  Those kids had nothing on us, except for the ones smart enough to bring the inflatable tube.  That sucker took them clear across the road at the bottom but I think we beat them on top end speed.  For those interested, a shiny Keurig coffee box works much better then a plastic rubbermaid top but not as good as an inflated tube.

It is also during times like this that the 150 pounds of beef in our freezer comes in handy.  Watching people seek out any remaining meat at Costco leading up to the storm was rather comical.  Maybe next time they will buy the whole cow in early Fall and be done with it.

Other then our sledding adventures, we have been couped up inside the house like most everyone else in Georgia.  Hopefully this breaks soon before we reach reenactments from the “Shining”.  This down time has allowed me to catch up on some New Years resolutions.  Since I generally do not finish them I decided I would just work to finish past ones, starting with reading a book a week.  I am happy to say 1 week in I am still successful and since it was a food ‘topic’ book (Kitchen Confidential) it helped me work towards my other resolutions which was to become a better cook.  We’ll see if I am still on track come February.

Last but not least I want to give an honorable mention to Keurig.  Our much loved coffee maker started giving us trouble 2 weeks ago and slowly got to the point where it wouldn’t even spit water out of it.  After some back and forth with service they graciously decided to honor our expired warranty and send us a brand new unit at no charge.  I understand the many reason they would do such a thing, mainly because I am sure much of their profit comes from the K-Cups rather then the actual machines.  However, regardless of the reason, I was really impressed with their resolution and will continue to recommend the machine to anyone that wants to listen.