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Howdy folks

Realized we haven’t posted in a LONG time.  Sorry about that but really not that much to blog about.  Same ole same ole.  Kevin has been busy getting ready for his tri season which starts this weekend with a Half Ironman.  I have no triathlons on my schedule this year since I’ve been so busy with school. But I just finished up my last class yesterday and am now free until dental school starts in August.  We have some fun things planned for the summer so hopefully we will have more exciting post to keep you entertained.

Below are a few pictures of what we have been up to since our last post.

Kevin made honey wheat bread from scratch and it was super yummy.  He started the year off working on his cooking skills but that has taken a backseat to his training schedule.  So we are back to our normal chicken or beef, veggie, and rice menu.

Kevin and I volunteering at MedShare.

The “money pit” I almost convinced Kevin to buy me.  I fell in love with this house.  But I came back to reality and realized it probably is not a good idea to restore a 1920’s home when we only own a hammer and a screwdriver.  That means we are still looking for a place to call our new home.

Volunteering in Nicaragua.

Me and all the other volunteers taking a day off from clinic to spend the day at Laguna de Apoyo (lagoon of volcanic origin).

Makya taking a poop in the park…LOL. And Kevin annoyed that I’m taking pictures. 🙂

Jennifer and I at the Georgia State University Relay for Life.  Our team was the top fundraising team!!  It was a great event and we had a blast raising money for a wonderful cause. Thank you to all those who donated.

Well, after going through our camera I guess we have been up to more then I thought.