I like to tell people we are “homeless” but figure “nomads” sounds fancier.  After moving out of the townhouse and putting everything in storage we headed off to the Pacific Northwest for some R and R.

Makya has been very stressed with all the changes. But thought I’d share this adorable picture of Makya peaking from behind one of the moving boxes.

Kevin in the back of the UHaul.  Its sad to think that all of our possessions fit so easily inside a 17′ truck.

After all that hard work of packing we headed off to Seattle.  The weather was rainy but that didn’t stop us from enjoying all Seattle had to offer.  We had no real plans….just wondered around the city eating and drinking.

Kicking it with the Freemont Troll while eating some amazing Cuban sandwiches from Paseo

Can you find Kevin?

Hanging out with Jeff in Seattle.

After Seattle, we headed down to Portland.  Kevin and I made a trip out to the Oregon Coast where we went to the Goonies house.  I think this was the highlight for Kevin.

While on the hunt for the Goonies house we came across the school that Kindergarten Cop was filmed.  It was funny that we went to the coast to enjoy the water and beach and ended up taking pictures in front of film sites.

Our last night in Oregon. All good things must come to an end.

After returning from vacation we were on the search for our next home as to minimize our time as nomads 🙂 Luckily we found a house and we are off on our next adventure of getting settled and ready for the challenges of dental school.

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