Vegas, Man Weekend and Everything in Between

I would like to say we just got back from our vacation in Vegas and promptly posted a blog discussing our time there, with beautiful pictures that tell a story of the experience.  Unfortunately, we have been back for over a month and have come to realize that only a handful of the pictures are good.  You would think being married to someone that constantly has a camera on vacation would yield better results but I digress.

Vegas was a duel reason trip.  The main reason we traveled out there is because I had a race.  The second being for fun.  We flew out on the redeye Thursday night and arrived around 1 am on Friday.  After a check-in debacle  we were upgraded to a suite for the first night which did not disappoint.  We have never seen a bathroom mirror with a built in TV but after experiencing it, it is on our list for a future bathroom remodel…once we actual have our own home again.

These kind of trips are always hard to do around a race because I want to enjoy the environment but I have to remember why I am there.  For this race, I tried to enjoy the experience/trip and not let it deter me from enjoying the city.  I cannot say I was completely successful but I was able to enjoy a few things…..the lunch buffet the day before the race probably was not the best idea and I certainly regretted it once I started the run on Sunday.

Friday night my best friend flew in for the weekend.  Prior to picking him up at the airport, we headed over to the athlete welcome dinner.  The resort was amazing and we had a beautiful evening on the lake.

After picking up my friend from the airport we headed out for dinner to Bouchon, a Thomas Keller restaurant.  I have always wanted to eat at one of his restaurants and though dinner was good, it missed the mark on expectations.

Saturday was fairly low key.  I had the mandatory pre-race stuff…bike and run drop off, etc.  I was able to get a quick workout in and was pretty much set for the rest of day.  The buffet I mentioned above was pretty awesome and may be one of the best desert sections I have ever seen…second only to the buffet we ate at on Monday.  I went to bed fairly early and slept pretty well.

Race morning was pretty status quo….up extremely early to get the day started.  It feels less early in Vegas because you see so many others who are still up from the previous day.  Rather then go through the details of a fairly disappointing race, I put together the video below.  If you want the full experience of the weather I raced in and Songkhla spectated in, watch the video in a pre-heated 400 degree oven.

Songkhla shot a good portion of it so I did not have much to work with.  I am especially proud of the slow motion sequences for effect.  Hope you enjoy.

Though I traditionally like to get a blizzard from Dairy Queen post race, I could not pass up the opportunity to finally eat at In and Out Burger.  Plus, a shake is pretty good in and of itself.  Having heard such amazing things about In and Out, I was a little surprised to find it did not hold a candle to Five Guys.  Ok, maybe it can hold a candle but I would take a Five Guys Burger and Fries over In and Out any day.

By the end of the race, lunch and trips to the airport, Songkhla and I were pretty tired and ready to get some sleep to enjoy our last day in Vegas as much as possible.  And enjoy we did.  It was the first time we rented a car in Vegas and it was the best decision we made.  I am not sure if it is my older age but I find I am unable to tolerate the strip as much as I used to.  The car allowed us to get off the beaten path and take in what Nevada has to offer.  We had no plans and decided to just drive and see what we find.  And boy did we find things….like this big concrete structure in the valley.  They call it the Hoover dam.

And that concludes our Vegas trip.  However, what trip to Vegas would be complete without a picture in front of the famous sign?  Actually, lots of trips to Vegas would be complete with out a picture of the sign since this was my 3rd time there and only my first time seeing the sign.

After Vegas I found a considerable chunk of time usually spent training that I now needed to fill.  As such, I got to work on my man list that has been around for a year.  It included the following:

  • Rewire phone line
  • Build new office desk
  • Spray for bugs
  • Give bike a deep clean
  • Cut the grass
  • Trim the hedges
  • Put new border strip on bookcase

I once heard those things you worry about generally take about 10 minutes to complete.  Though most of these took a little longer then 10 minutes, I was able to knock them out over the weekend which now leaves me trying to find how to fill my time for all future weekends.  And though I am sure there is a lot of interest in photos of each project, I decided to just highlight the desk build.

Until next time.

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