Kona here we come!

Over the years I have watched Kevin go from the challenge of sprint triathlons all the way to his ultimate goal of Ironman competitions.  I am a nervous wreck at all his races concerned for his safety and hoping he has a good race day. Last weekend at the Louisville KY Ironman, he had a GREAT race day!! Kevin accomplished a childhood dream of qualifying to compete in the 2013 Kona Hawaii Ironman World Championship.  To see him accomplish his goal after years of training (and injuries) to participate in the ultimate challenge of this elite race would give me such a great sense of pride and joy.  The race will have live coverage on www.ironman.com on Oct 12th, 2013 if you want to see if you can catch of glimpse of him. ImageStanding in the swim start line race morning. We are working out target times in order to hopefully catch a glimpse of Kevin in transition and the course. ImageImage 

What else have we been up to? 

We went to Madrid, Valencia, and Barcelona, Spain this summer for some relaxation before starting Kevin’s race season and before I had to buckle down to start studying for my boards.  (We are still waiting for board results.  I’m starting to think the mailman is playing a very cruel prank on me.) We had a great time in Spain going to museums, site seeing, cycling the mountains of Barcelona, relaxing on the beach and of course – eating. 


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