Where do I start…..how about where it all began?  A story fit for only the greatest romantic novels, our love began during college spring break in one of the most romantic places across this great land; Panama City.  Okay Okay, maybe it wasn’t the most original or greatest story told but it’s our story.  It could be worse, one of us could have came back with the infamous spring break tattoo slightly out of reach from our parents.

That beautiful tale dates back 10 years.  Since that time, we have both graduated college, raised our hairy son (Makya), moved to various cities throughout Georgia, moved in together, taken on various positions in hopes of finding our career calling, married, and traveled to some beautiful parts of the world.

All of this leads us up to the individuals we are today….two 30 year olds that live life as recklessly as the average 85 year old.  Songkhla is self classified as the funniest person she knows and I do my best to amuse her.  We each enjoy travel and make a point of scheduling a memorable vacation every year.  We each enjoy fitness, though I think it is safe to say she is not quite as passionate as I am about it.

Well that’s enough about us.  Not because I have captured everything there is to know but because I am tired of writing about us.

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