Kevin and I both just celebrated our 29th birthday.  I can not believe that we are already 29.

Things have been busy as always…so busy I haven’t had time to blog.  I’ve been working on finishing up my dental school applications and recently took the dental admissions test.  Kevin has of course been spending all his free time swimming, cycling and running.  It’s hard to believe that we both are working on such huge goals this year.  Me trying to get into dental school and Kevin finishing his first Ironman.

Couple of weeks ago we visited with the New York crew for Kevin’s cousin Joe’s wedding.  It was a weekend long of partying.  Unfortunately Kevin and I are rookies and just couldn’t keep up.  But I was proud that we were able to stay awake past our normal bed time of 9pm…lol.


The start of another season

Kevin kicked off his 2010 tri season placing 3rd in his age group.  I’m so proud of him.  We started the day off at 5am and Kevin hit the water at 7:30am for a 0.93 mile swim.

He makes it look so easy as he sprints into transition after completing the 25 mile bike ride.  Before we could yell “Go Kevin!!” he was off on the 6.1 mile run.

Kevin’s Fan Club eagerly awaiting a glance of Kevin.

Kevin’s parents were the best cheerleaders.  Their support gave him the extra edge he needed to compete at his best today.

It’s Spring!

Look at my garden grow.  It’s too early to have veggies but the roses look great and we have had some fresh herbs thus far.

Kevin did the majority of the planting this year as I was busy with school work.  I did at least sit outside and studied to keep him company as he worked.


Most would consider Kevin and I healthy eaters. It is pretty rare to see either of us consuming artificial process foods. However, I do have my occasional diet coke.  I know they are terrible for me but I LOVE THEM!!!!  Even my junk food is all natural and Kevin likes to remind me as I’m polishing off a box of Newman O’s that just because they are all natural doesn’t mean they are good for me.

The last couple of years I have been trying to convince Kevin to do the mileage diet.  Its not really a diet but a change in lifestyle in which we only consume and purchase foods produced within a certain mileage of us.  The purpose of this is to support the local economy, eliminate the pollution that it takes to transport our food hundreds of miles and to consume fresher healthier products. Kevin has decline my proposal of this for several years due to the financial implications but this weekend my power of persuasion worked!!!  The healthier better foods won Kevin over.  I’m still trying to get him to feel the need to save the planet one organic apple at a time but for now if he wants to eat better and making the planet healthier is just a by-product I can live with that.

This weekend was our first shopping trip with our new awareness in mind and it was somewhat challenging to meet our needs as well as  stay within our food budget.  We purchased eggs from a local farmer that a friend told us about. We were able to find a good supply of produce grown in GA, Fl and SC to serve our needs at Whole Foods and believe it or not Wal-mart.  The meat we purchased wasn’t local but the animals were raised in the USA and were provided a better quality of life prior to slaughter.  We will be participating in a produce CSA this week and I’ve put us on a waiting list for a meat CSA.  We do eat lots of tropical fruits year around, bananas and citrus, which we are not willing to give up but I did find bananas produced by Earth University which has an awesome mission of sustainable environmentally friendly foods.  Below is a video about Earth University:

I highly recommend the film “Food, Inc” (youtube trailer below, check out the “rethink review” as well).  The film is entertaining and informative but of course some spin; after all they are trying to make a case for their point of view. PBS is currently  streaming the full film on their website for the next couple of days for free.

Costa Rica

I recently had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica with VIDA.  VIDA is a nonprofit humanitarian association that helps to empower individuals and provides free medical, dental, and veterinary assistance to needy communities.  I had a hands-on and life changing experience.

The first day after arriving all the volunteers participated in an orientation session specific to their field of study.  I got to learn about common oral diseases, facial/mouth nerves, and oral health issues effecting Central America.  It may not be all that interesting to most of you reading this but it was really exciting to learn about oral healthcare and patient education.

This was the most rewarding moment of my trip.  I got to assist Dr. Sandra with an extraction on this boy.  He was so scared and it was so rewarding to help ease his nerves.

After the procedure, we are all smiles! It is be best feeling to be able to help someone have the confidence to smile and to have a healthy smile.

I look right at home!! right? I got to perform basic exams under the direct supervision of Dr. Sandra and Dr. Gabby as well as perform cleanings.  I worked over 30 hours in the dental clinic and as a whole the dental clinic helped over 200 patients.

Our clinic staff: all the student volunteers, Dr. Sandra, Dr. Gabby and Robin. 

I hope to travel with VIDA again soon.


I’m not on facebook and am not a fan of facebook.  I find it to be impersonal and it promotes forming and maintaining artificial relationships. I understand that facebook is somewhat  harmless and that it is a way to reconnect with friends and stay connected with people that you would not otherwise.

Many have mentioned that facebook is safer then my blog as there are privacy settings.   You think that only your “friends” can see your page but that is not the case. I have always requested that folks not post photos of me on their facebook page but I know a few of you have (and you know who you are).  Of course you thought I would never find out since I’m not on facebook but see that’s just not the case. I know the entire cyberspace community can see my blogs but for whatever reason I feel more in control with my blog.

As I write this blog I think what bugs me is the “reconnecting” portion of facebook because I guess it seems that there are lots of “reconnection” between facebook friends in which you may have never had a real connection with in the real world.  How can you be “friends” if you have never had a real conversation with one another in years or for that matter ever?

Maybe one day I’ll change my mind and accept the request to be your “facebook friend”.  Till then I guess you will have to go through the hassle of calling, emailing and spending time with me versus posting on my wall.

Blog Neglect

I am definitely guilty of  blog neglect.  It’s tough being a housewife.  I didn’t realize how much time it takes to cook, clean and do all my wifely duties until I actually started doing them.  Kevin has been a champ with trying all my cooking concoctions.  I’ve discovered making beans from scratch, lentils and chia seeds.  I think I’m getting much better at my new job. 🙂

Seriously, I have been up to much more.  I started back to school full-time the second week of January and have been working on preparing my applications for professional school.  Keep your fingers cross because applications open June 1st and I still need to narrower down the schools I’ll be applying to and finalize my personal statement.

Other updates:

My New Year’s resolution is to be more organized; which means Kevin is being forced to be more organized.  I created a bulletin board to keep track of our schedules and spending.

My Best Friend, Jennifer, got engaged over the holiday season!!!  We went to a fun wedding expo to help jump start her wedding planning.  While we were there I got to meet Micheal Knight from Project Runway.  He was super nice and I should have told him to give me a call if he is ever looking for a petite model…lol.  I need help in the fashion department for sure.

Overall, Jan 2010 has been good.  Kevin has been busy training spending his mornings and weekends swimming, biking and running.

Married life continues to be awesome and any free time we have we spend relaxing together at home with Makya.

That’s about it for now.